Heckpoint update: Killstreaks, Bosses, and Tweaks

So we’ve been adding and tweaking, and with some suggestions from the community, we’ve managed to knock out some functions for when bosses join the fight. There’s also killstreak awards and a new level! For more info, check out the Steam page update here.

The new boss, an enhanced version of the mini-boss, is based upon one of my favorite modern-day surrealists, Jon Konrath.



Update #4: The Calm Before the Storm

Update #4 comes in with some more polish from player reviews. We’ve adjusted the camera a bit to give you better visibility, tightened up the pause menu, and the multiplayer perk Party Time.  A huge thank you for the response and feel free to keep the reviews coming. There’s a ton of good stuff ahead! For more info on the update, check out the steam page below.



Update #3: PARTY TIME

So we’ve managed to start chipping away at one of the biggest milestones we planned for the game… local co-op couch multiplayer! Right now it’s only usable through a perk called Party Time. You can now plug in up to 4 Xbox controllers and bring your friends into the battle with you. At the moment with this perk, additional players spawn into the world with random characters and they can’t control their own load-outs but bear with us as we polish and push the full version of multiplayer into reality.  Check out the Steam page below for more info!