Heckpoint Update #2: 360 degree aiming, shoulder cannon, enhanced flight control and more.

Players, take a look in your locker. You’ll find a shoulder cannon that will let you switch to 360 degree aiming once equipped. Leave the classic firing behind if you choose and take aim. Gaining better control of flight, reducing the amount of cost of thrust while in midair, and an optional flight button on Left Trigger (for the controller) for smoother handling while using twin sticks to wreak havoc. Some specials can now be aimed too!

Various little things have been fixed as well. Beatrice’s special was not colliding with flying enemies, but it is now. Dracula and Beatrice, two of the most OP characters in the starting roster have had their special recharge lengthened as well.  As always, thanks for joining us and please let us know of any bugs or suggestions you have for the game.

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