Heckpoint Update: Week #1

So we started getting reviews in for Heckpoint from the Steam community, and one guy in particular has been a huge help. EElectric Productions from Youtube had some wonderful suggestions and we managed to get most of them in the first couple days. First off, a difficulty slider in the Options menu at the start screen allows player to take their game from Easy to Hopeless, each mode increasing enemy health and damage while also increasing loot drop. Next, we added another play mode when players are selecting their play style at the portals at Headquarters. This new mode, Normal, gives players a more relaxed play-through and removes those pesky flying enemies. We’ve also added the ability to turn off screenshake from the options menu at the start screen and we’re currently testing out a new weapons platform for the game that will allow you to fire at 360 degrees. More on that soon!

And if reading isn’t your thing, check out the video where Greg and I talk shit and go over some of these updates and walk you through some of the features you may have not known about.

You can also find one of EElectric Production’s reviews here:

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